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Nutri rocket bullet blender

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Nutri rocket bullet blender
Price: A$129.00
Perfect for those always in a rush, this Nutri-Rocket Bullet blender blends your ingredients finer & more quickly . Get out the door faster in the morning!

Kick start the day with healthy and freshly blended juices and smoothies with this powerful Nutri-Rocket blender set that comes with all the pieces you need to create your daily smoothies in one easy step.

Featuring stainless steel blades that emulsify even the seeds to liquid, get all the nutrients and vitamins from your fruits and vegies in a delicious way and get creative!

Power base with powerful 700 watt motor
BPA-Free tumblers
Stainless steel, emulsifying and grinding blades
Impressive 11500-12000 RPM speed
Dishwasher safe tumblers and lids
Comes with a travel lid for smoothies and drinks on the go
Australian Electrical Approved 240V
The most advanced blender on the market!
Breaks down foods into their most nutritious form
Extracts all the hidden nutrition inside food
Package Contents (15pcs):
3x 24oz tumblers
2x 12oz tumblers
2x Blades
3x Solid lids
2x Lip rings
1x Motor
1x Shaker lid
1x Travel lid
1 x User guide / Recipe book
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