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Sunbeam Stainless Deep Fryer

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Sunbeam Stainless Deep Fryer (Stainless Steel)
Price: A$99.00
Enjoy battered fish, crispy skin chicken, and golden fries with this deep fryer from Sunbeam. It bears a similar design to some commercial deep fryers, while occupying a small footprint to sit snug on your bench top.

The deep frying process is made healthier courtesy of Sunbeam’s Cool Zone technology. The temperature of your oil is kept consistent for more even cooking. The oil is cleaner, and less of it absorbs into your food. The suspended 2400W element will rapidly fry your contents and ensure even battering. When it’s time for a clean, you can easily disassemble the robust stainless steel components. The basket, pan, and lid are all dishwasher-safe.

Develop a deep appreciation for deep frying with this convenient appliance from Sunbeam.
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