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Dreamtime (Single)
Price: A$195.00
Dreamtime Pillow Top

"This pillowtop mattress has a great feel far beyond its
price tag, with a continuous coil spring it is
perfect for kids beds, spare beds or those on a budget."

Important Features

45mm of Comfort Layers
This model includes 45mm of premium comfort layers and is a
great quality mattress built using Solid Foams rather than pin core
or convoluted foams. Using solid foams increases the duration of
the "new mattress feeling" and reduces the severity of body
impressions over time - a great feature at this price point.

Continuous Coil Spring Unit
Is a 6 turn heat tempered spring that is considered very responsive
to the alignment of your body - very similar to a pocket spring
except it does not provide "no partner disturbance". Continuous
Coils have been very successful in the "big brands" for many years
(the decline in popularity is mainly due to the reduction in price of
pocket springs).

Edge Support
Allows sleep across the entire width of the mattress by preventing
that "fall out" feeling at the edge of a mattress. In providing
additional edge support it reduces border breakdown as well.

Damask Fabric
Quality Damask fabric with high density threads to ensure the
fabric wears well over time.

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