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Millennium Gold Mattress

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Millennium Gold Mattress (Queen)
Price: A$1,495.00
Millennium Gold is a 5 Zone Pocket Spring mattress that provides contouring support for 5 key body zones.

Its individually pocketed coils will reduce partner disturbance while the zoning will give excellent spinal and body support.

Gel-infused memory foam and latex is added to assist with comfort, body temperature and pressure point relief.

Quilting Foam
All Foam is NON-ALLERGERNIC, and all Foam is treated with Pufitr Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria

Comfort Zone
15mm Peel
200g Dacron
One (1) sheets of 31/320
One (1) sheet of 26/160
Two (2) sheets of Latex
One (1) sheet of Gel Visco

Pocket-spring consist of a grid of springs, each in their own Fabric pocket, Be-cause they’re not wired together, each spring is able to work more or less in-dependently—the weight on one spring does not affect those surrounding it, Edge to Edge support

Foam Box Construction
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